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Porin Teknillinen Seura, the Pori Technical Society is one of the oldest technical societies in Finland. The Technical Society was established in 1918 by the Swedish speaking engineers, who had started the industrial revolution in the City of Pori.  Fifteen years later the language of the minutes of the Technical Society  changed to Finnish.  In more than 100 years the strong industrial society has transformed to a service-providing society.  At the same time, the role of the Pori Technical Society has changed from expertise to a networking platform for people with technical background.

The Pori Technical Society’s work is not as impressive today as it was in its early days, but it is still important. Companies in the region are increasingly operating globally and, due to increased competition, they are striving to keep up with technological advancements and to develop and retain the know-how they need. This is where the Pori Technical Society plays a key role. Networking within the City of Pori and vicinity, it provides opportunities to bring together expertise from different disciplines and thus improve the business life of the area. So the Technical Society still plays an important role as a bridge builder in the area. The mission of the Pori Technical Society of Pori is to actively encourage mutual contacts and discussion of its members, to promote technological and scientific advancements and to foster industrial and societal development and education within the City of Pori and vicinity.

The history compiled by Kristian Lindroos, M.Sc., describes the evolution of the Pori Technical Society and the changes in its activities in relation to the development of business and the surrounding society. The history, titled Sillanrakentaja: Porin Teknillinen Seura 1918 – 2018 (Bridge Builder: Pori Technical Society 1918 – 2018) was released on 14 September 2018. 

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